Corrective Exercise

This individualized fitness protocol reassures pain-free exercise.

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Esoteric Exercise is a new paradigm in movement mastery, evolving into methodologies and techniques beyond the long established, physical therapy protocols and the standardized rehabilitation practices of yesteryear.

This is not just exercise, but changing the way you live in your body!

Our own movement patterns, when executed correctly, are the foundation for better health, good posture and higher learning!

Esoteric Exercise is very different from just exercising or working out as we know it.

These pioneering approaches to exercise don’t just treat physical (physiological) symptoms, but assist in healing the mental and emotional (psychological) aspects too. This is where the body meets the mind, allowing the roots of our issues to be fully understood, integrated and healed.

  • In learning to correct your movement patterns, your existing physical issues begin to be restored.
  • If, when moving or exercising you experience pain, can only be the result of incorrect movement patterns. (faulty motor programming)
  • Exercising “correctly” (with good form,) establishes safe and effective movement to stabilize joints, strengthen muscles and restore posture.
  • These new movement patterns connect to and awaken deep, dormant muscles, the small, but very important muscles that enhance posture and bring stability in movement
  • These muscles are the influential and guiding factor to executing “good form techniques” that move away from pain and become an effective restoration tool.
  • Re-patterning movement techniques assists in releasing and processing past traumas that are “locked up” within the tissues. This is achieved by arousing inhibited nerves, (myelination) which then fires up or enhances a myriad of bodily functions, like organs, glands, digestion, circulation, breathing, lymphatic, muscles etc.This very “visceral” process stimulates new knowledge within the mind and emotions, therefore gifting the opportunity to heal past traumas or experiences that were originally stuck before the movement re-patterning took place.                                                                                                                                                        Most exercise programs are missing this vital awareness and understanding when it comes to actual application.

The proof of the pudding is in the doing. I believe it is impossible to know what Esoteric Exercise is capable of until it’s been authentically experienced.

Come learn how improving your movement skills can not only heal your existing physical challenges, but help with your mind and emotions too!