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Breathing practices are as important as any health discipline could be. Without a daily breathing commitment, health, energy levels and well being could never be optimal. i once heard a wise being share with me, “to receive maximum joy and achieve full potential from life, daily breathing is a must.”

Breathing is the interface or go-between for mind and body to align with each other for full energy capacity and wisdom to blossom.

All breathing practices have three things in common: they all involve posture, (whether moving or stationary), breathing techniques, and mental focus.

There are various styles that suit all ages or any physical capacity.

If you feel sluggish or fatigued, slow and gentle may work best or if feeling full of energy, fast and strong maybe fitting. Sometimes I may do as little as 12 gentle breaths or spend up to 30 mins in rigorous movement if inclined. Either way, i meet myself where i am at in my energy capacity that day.

Just be aware of breath, posture and keeping tongue in roof of mouth. Staying focused on those principles will keep you present to experience self and life like never before.

Or make a 90 min appointment with me and we can go through the fundamentals so you can take it on with better understanding and efficiency.

All i can say is; a conscious daily breathing practice is a life changer, receiving more than you could ever imagine,

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