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View sickness as a positive opportunity

“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.”
– Hippocrates, Greek Physician c.460 BC
Imagine you went to the doctor because of persistent migraines and instead of medication, he told you to meditate every day and when the pain worsened to think happy thoughts. Yeah, right!

Even more astounding, you discovered you had something as serious as cancer and were given a prescription of twice-weekly therapy (to get in touch with your feelings and explore personal trauma), as well as daily yoga, massages, a balanced diet, and the requirement that you laugh several times a day.

Norman Cousins, a famous and somewhat controversial author, literally used humor to heal himself from heart disease, which he documented in his book Anatomy of an Illness: As Perceived by the Patient. He worked with a doctor who encouraged him to use laughter together with his own tenacity to cure his debilitating disease.

Let Your Body Talk
In my 19 years of practicing health (notice I didn’t say medicine), I have concluded the best teacher on the subject of sickness, is myself. Who else knows more about how my body should feel and has the power to heal it when something is not working the way it should.

My body talks to me to inform me of the poor choices I make that in turn cause me sometimes to end up sick. Without that part of internal body talk, I would never have the knowledge and wisdom to be healthy today. I can firmly say, that I should have died many years ago, had I not taken responsibility for my failing health, connected to the pain, let it be the teacher within and learned to heal myself.

In fact, the scary feelings and thoughts of dying were the very disturbing experiences I needed to innately shake and arouse the health doctor inside me, and learn the answers to health and healing.

Origin of Ailments
It might be hard to accept, but you cannot “catch” the flu, and nobody can really “give” it to you. You most likely created an environment (stress, lack of sleep, poor diet) in which illness could easily take over.

If you are unable to see the part of yourself that created the sickness, chances are, you will not have the strength to heal, but merely suppress or fix the issue temporarily rather like putting a Band-Aid on a deep wound. Then, in time, the symptoms will reappear and often grow in intensity. Soon other parts of your body will become symptomatic, and before you know it, serious and even fatal diseases will show themselves.

Either way, it wasn’t dealt with properly.
Most of us will try prescription drugs to numb it out, chose surgery to remove or replace it or even just ignore it until it “seemingly” goes away.
Turning Thoughts To Healing
On numerous occasions throughout my life I have experienced heavy emotional and mental confusion, a sense of being helplessly lost. In those very fearful times, suicide seemed the only solution to my seemingly insurmountable problems.

In these moments, as I recalled those traumatic, past events, part of me cannot believe I’m still here, writing this blog with such passion and a deep heartfelt urge to share my experiences
to help others heal their unprocessed, past wounds.

After pondering those ideas, I saw the futility of “ending it all” and wisely chose instead to change my lifestyle habits such as better sleep, healthier food, adequate water, more exercise and a positive outlook, which became my genuine answers to true health. This also was my motivation for developing a unique program through EvolMotion in which I can help other people do the same.

Ultimately, you must see yourself as the designer and maker of your own illness and allow those ailments to teach you how to practically apply your new health knowledge and create real and lasting change.


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