Are High Heels Hurting More Than Your Feet?


“Most women admit that their high heel shoes are uncomfortable and difficult to walk in, yet wear them anyway”

Despite today’s more relaxed dress codes, many of you ladies still like to dress up in high heels, especially during this time of the year. Whether to spice up your work attire or for a glamorous touch to your holiday dress, after several hours of walking and standing, your shoes could be hurting more than your feet.

As far as fashion, you’ll probably agree that high heels can be an extremely attractive feature by making your legs look longer and help you appear a little taller. While this may get you noticed, it is probably causing you pain as well. You and your female friends seem willing to suffer for the sake of fashion, to look a certain way and because it has become part of your sense of style and identity.

Could this particular vanity be at a great cost to your health and wellbeing?

At the end of the day as you collapse in a chair to pull off your shoes, the pain coursing through your toes and even down your back and hips is evidence that there are severe physical compensations your body adopts when your heels are raised off the floor. (see the diagram below)

As a child you were warned about sloughing your shoulders and told to sit up straight. Your parents might have been on to something.. they were protecting your posture. At some point, if common sense doesn’t kick in, then over time your body will start to remind you that this extreme “postural change” will eventually cause joint, muscle and nerve issues. That begs the question: are the high heels themselves the issue or the reasons why you wear high heels the issue?

Regardless of the answer, high heels are not conducive with a healthy musculoskeletal system, and could be damaging your spine, lower back, hips and of course feet. An imbalanced muscle system and inhibited breathing also puts excessive stress on your organs and intestines, then bigger health issues can crop up.

For those of you who wear high heels and also suffer from back, hip or neck pain, consider stepping it down an inch or two with lower, wider heels and stop the inevitable musculoskeletal breakdown.

You may also consider connecting with a specialist like me (Wayne Daniels) for a complimentary personal assessment to determine the best plan to heal those physical compensations and get rid of nagging pain, whether from shoes or just daily wear and tear on your body.




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