Whole-Health Approach

Can anyone be truly healthy if one is just exercising or merely meditating or just attempting to improve diet without implementing anything else?

Being a “one trick pony” by treating a particular symptom, has limiting potential as opposed to an “all-encompassing”, whole body, no stone unturned approach to mind, body and spirit. A painful back isn’t just a physical issue, however, if it is treated as such, will never be truly healed, as any physical issue also has emotional, mental and spiritual elements to it. How could it not, when considering a painful back will arouse uncomfortable emotions, stirring negative mind chatter and diminish my spiritual experience of self and life. We are a whole being not just a physical one!!

This is EvolMotion’s ideology of the four “all-encompassing” aspects to whole health and wellbeing:


Physical Body

This is the most commonly known and practiced health aspect, which is vitally important to improve upon. After all, how can one ignore when chronic back pain arrives or disabling stomach pains or constant fatigue shows up. It’s as real as it gets when these debilitating physical issues hit us, which will usually inspire one to seek a way of remedying. Corrective exercise, stretching, eldoa, breathing/ tai chi, massage, individualized genetic diet typing and adequate water intake are some of the methods practiced at EvolMotion.


Emotional Body

This aspect is becoming widely known as a viable way to improve health. We all have had past experiences that are traumatic (shameful or fearful) to understand and process. Being overly emotional elevates stress manifesting into adrenal fatigue, debilitating symptoms and ailments throughout all 7 biological systems, leading into eventual disease. We distinguish subconscious behavior patterns and show how to emotionally connect, integrate & realize unhealed events to gain acceptance and wisdom to live in peace with self.


Mental Body

The mind creates your reality and determines how you experience self and life. Mental and emotional aspects are interconnected and in harmony with one another. What the mind thinks transforms into an emotional experience. Most have heard quotes like, you are what you think, you only ever get what you think, the way you think becomes your reality. Knowing and understanding our mental self is not just important, it’s paramount for better health. Addictions and unhealthy ingrained behavior cannot be addressed without understanding the mind that created it. Knowing how you think and create your reality cannot be ignored, otherwise self-sabotage, degeneration and disease will persist. Without the mental commitment to healing, one can never know what keeps them stuck, unable to attain goals or know their purpose.


Spiritual Body

Spiritual body is a collective of how well you can live with the other three aspects, by energetically expressing yourself in a capacity that exemplifies your truth. Your level of spiritual expression is rooted in emotional stability, cognitive acuity, physical function and relative to how well one can embrace their purpose and overarching dream. Enhancing the spiritual experience is internal and solely personal.It can’t be measured, but it is noticed. We can all intuitively sense how others feel and think based on energy expression, facial countenance and body language. Meditation, breathing and surrendering to higher self are great practices to elevate a spiritual awareness. Perhaps, every moment is a spiritual encounter no matter what the experience?

At Evolmotion we personally know how much commitment and courage it takes to delve into the four aspects of health to heal from the inside out. Years of conscientious work and diligent self healing has gifted much knowledge and experience to support, guide and meet you where you are at.

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